Elie Fayad was trained in Classic Acupuncture by Mr. Thierry Bollet, who founded IEATC (Institut d’Energetique et Acupuncture Traditionelles Chinoises) Paris in 1979.

Elie is also a graduate of CCREAT: DNAT (National Diploma of Traditional Acupuncture). He was trained in Dr. Truong Thin Vietnamese Acupuncture and in J.R Worsley 5 Elements Acupuncture by Daniel Laurent (Director of the school 5 Elements in France).
He received his learning in Master Tung's acupuncture from Susan Johnson, a disciple of Ms. Myriam Lee who was one of Master Tung's disciples.
In 2012, he founded the Nice branch of the IEATC school, where he currently teaches. He became the Director of the IEATC group of schools in 2014.
In 2018, he founded the Classic Acupuncture Academy, an international school devoted to the spreading of Classic Acupuncture (ancient tradition).
Elie Fayad also runs a private acupuncture practice in Nice.
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