Jean-Sylvain Prot is a « Professeur Agrégé » mathematician and has practised and taught Yoga and Korean Martial Arts for 25 years. He studied Meridian Theory with Dr Wang Ju Yi and Abdominal Acupuncture together with Classical Chrono Acupuncture with Dr Zhang Yun.
Jean-Sylvain has studied deeply the work of Dr Chen Chao in I Ching Acupuncture and Medical Chinese Astrology.
He also trained and graduated from Medical Qi Gong (Zhi Neng Qi Gong) with Master Zhang Wen Chun (University of Jiang Xi, Nanchang, China).
Jean-Sylvain  studied Dr Tan’s Balance Method and Tung Acupuncture with Dr Robert Chu (Pasadena, USA).
He practices and teaches Dr Chu’s Meta System of Optimal Acupuncture in Carcassonne, southern France.
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